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“If That’s You… I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Agency To Help You Nail Your Niche, Build an Offer, Generate Leads, Close Sales Over The Next 12 Months!”

The 3 Pillars You Must Implement to

SCALE Your Agency:

Nail Your Niche & Create an Irresistible Offer

Inbound & Outbound Appointment System

Implement a Sales System to Close Deals

Inside the SCALE Program, You Will Learn How to Scale Your Agency without Stressing about Leads, Doing Fulfillment ALL By Yourself or Worry About Closing Sales

On average, It takes 3 to 5 years for agency owners to convert an agency from 5 figures to 6 and 7 figures. Not surprising.

With over 100 different niches to choose from, a myriad of digital solutions to offer, and several thousand agencies to run up against… determining a successful course of action (despite all the information online) seems like a nearly impossible task.

Agency Owners: understand, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We can save you time, money, and give you the exact blueprint we used to SCALE our agency to help you reach your revenue goals.

What is the

SCALE Program?

The SCALE Program is a lead generation and customer acquisition system that equips you with every resource needed to build a value-based marketing agency that clients pay top dollar for.

We will work with you every step of the way to nail your niche, build an offer, generate appointments (inbound & outbound), and provide a consistent sales process to close them as customers. If that wasn’t enough, we even team you up with commission-only sales closers to take the sales calls for you.

When agency owners enroll in the Clickx Agency SCALE Program they move from stuck… to consistently $10K, $20K, $30K+ per month

So what exactly is included in the SCALE System?

Custom Lead Generation Campaign so Your Calendar is Booked with Qualified Meetings

Knowing exactly where, how, and who to pitch your services to will be vital to growing your agency. We’ll help you deploy many strategies and create the content that makes your agency an authority.

Commission Only Sales Reps so You Have More Time to Work on Your Agency and Not In It

We partner with world-class commission-only sales representatives that only get paid when you do.

Commission Only Sales Reps so You Have More Time to Work on Your Agency and Not In It

Knowing exactly where, how, and who to pitch your services to will be vital to growing your agency. We’ll help you deploy many strategies and create the content that makes your agency an authority.

Niche Selection Support so that You’re a Specialist not a Generalist

We’ll guide you in conducting internal and external market research so you can determine the niche that’s right for you.

1:1 Offer Creation Call so You can Build a Scalable Business Model Clients Can’t Resist

Knowing your niche inside and out will help you create a service offering that is a no-brainer for your clients.

Weekly Lead Generation & Sales Training so that You Can Stay Ahead in this Industry

As an agency owner, you have to be a generalist as you will get clients requesting all kinds of strategies. We help you stay polished with our weekly training

The story behind SCALE…

Solomon Thimothy, Founder of Clickx used the exact system to scale his agency over 15 years ago. He started off as a “web designer” right out of college. He learned the ins and outs of customer acquisition, agency automation and client ascension to build a powerhouse of agency in Chicago. He has helped 100s of agency owners do the exact same thing.

During his agency career, he built software for scaling his own agency and client campaigns, managed millions in ad spent, built a team of 150+ digital marketers, worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Salesforce, HP to name a few. He has made more mistakes than most agency owners, thus he can help you stay clear of the biggest mistakes agency owners make everyday that is preventing them from getting to their goals.

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Scale your agency on interest free funding and even get flexible payment terms! Certain qualifications apply.

Program Success Stories

“Communication by far is their specialty, they always get back to you.. “If you're looking for great fulfillment- look not further than Clickx”

Tony B

Build A Solid Partnership With Us


"I have never experienced a company that does something like this, that has the professionalism and has the support they have."

Kyle B.

"I can't tell you how much I have learned and how much my business has grown since working with Solomon and his team. They are first class professionals, experts at what they do."

Tamra M.


Clickx is a 10/10

"The worksheets, templates, and resources that are provided are amazing! Now I can take my agency to the next level with what I am learning!"

Daphne D.

"Clickx has helped me niche my agency into a laser-focused powerhouse that's really gaining traction in just under a month—leads are pouring in and appointments are set!"

Tait A.

A Laser-Focused Powerhouse

They Know How to SCALE

"What I love about the SCALE Program is that not only do you get the support you need as you are building or scaling an agency, but you get to work right away."

Daryl P.

"People are really interested—they are calling us instead of us having to do organic outreach."

Shon C.



"My prospect was super impressed—she's never seen anything like my offer..."

Keely O.

"The leads that they get for your agency are prequalified — not trash — and they're who you want as an ideal client"


Hot Leads That Convert to Paying Clients

My quality of life and approach to work has changed in a massive way

“I hit my first 10K a month after a full month with Clickx”

Vianney W.

“Great experience from the thought that they put into our campaign creation to the support that was provided by their team”


Get the Support You Need

DFY Client Communication

“Clickx Customer Service is absolutely out of this world...”

Scott R.

“The team is amazing and they’re always available...."

Syed B.

A Dedicated Team of Experts

Invest In Your Agency’s Future

“They helped me get consistent results and more meetings… I highly recommend them” “They are a true partner, you won’t regret it”


“I cannot overstate how amazing their team is” “Your clients are in great hands” “They overdeliver and do everything in their power to make sure you succeed.”


Your Success Is Our Success

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“The entire team is super responsive”... “My entire experience with Clickx has been nothing but positive”

Michael C

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